Kompotas is self-initiated project about reviving transforming tradition using visual communications.
The project till now consists from: thounsands of pictures form canteens made by Isabella Rozendaal also Marleen Sleeuwits and Paul Paper, website, canteen guide, posters, organized excurtions around canteens in Vilnius, two expositions, artist talk in Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, fashion shoot together with Wyne Veen | 2009 february - on going




Canteen Guide 2009
All canteens that are found in Vilnius and Kaunas till now are published in the Canteen Guide. In this publication you can also find some glimpses of history, several interviews that we made with canteen cooks, interview with historisian and short food explanations. It is an introduction to the very complicated and colofull world of canteens, still to discover.
Exposition and the opening in old policlinics in Vilnius. This expo was
a part of X international Baltic trienale in Contemporary Art Centre
After party of the treinale in the old canteen with seven canteens cooking for guests.

Exposition and the opening in the gallery Liefhertje en Grote Witte Reus. Stationweg 51, The Hague.