January 2008 | identity for a public art fundation CASCOLAND |
CASCOLAND is a public art initiative that does big scale public art projects in different countries / areas that has social or political chalanges. CASCOLAND wanted Ilegal to create a new identity and to apply it in project in Durban. Ilegal needet to come up with comunication and PR concept for promoting CASCOLAND events in Durban. There was 3 display typefaces created that where inspired by street lettering. Logo also was formed from one of these typefaces. Project's theme in Durban was mobility, there was 40 artist coming from differnt countries to Durban to participate in the project. Ilegal needed to come up also with comunication strategy for the events. Ilegal developed idea of 'Circus coming to town', where every person in the street could be a performer. The was mobile photo studio established that served for making photos of people in the streets and as information unit about coming festival. Eye to eye comiunication was created.