August 2010 | Dialog | Project is about creating conversation between shop owner and by passers. | Part of the project 'Neuköllner Geschäfte' held in Berlin, Karl-Marx-strasse, Neukölln | Posters on the shop window and little book | Organised by Katherina Rohde

Project "Neuköllner Geschäfte' is involving 5 migrant artists that each needs to work with chosen shop in Karl-Marx-strasse. The main idea is to create concept and produce together with the shop owner.

Ilegal was one of the invited artists. The idea was to create a conversation between inside and outside. I have chosen sofa shop, where owner was from Palestina and lived in Germany for the last 30 years. I asked him to ask any questions he wants and I would collect answers in the street for three days. Also I would ask by passers to ask questions to the shop owner. Further Icreated some script and put all the conversation to the booklet and posters.